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Pool Math Primer

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  • Swim Pool Safe™ Pool Math Primer™ textbook
  • DVD with all examples from textbook
  • Work through pool and spa math problems related to:
    • Pool and spa volume
    • Replacement water intervals for spas
    • Surface area
    • Heater sizing
    • Make-up water
    • Chemical additions
    • Turn over Rates
    • Filter sizing and flow rates
    • and more

Pool-Spa Math Primer™ with DVD available for purchase. We recommend the Pool Math Primer as an option before attending a certification class.

Developed by Swim Pool Safe™ for those who want to develop and improve  their basic math skills using formulas required for certification class. Many operators have taken advantage of this offering to improve their chances of passing the certification exam.

Previously, this product was available only one day before a schedule 2-day certification class. Because of the success of this product Swim Pool Safe™ has overhauled this product to be a self-paced, self-study course for our customers.

The self-paced materials include a 50 page textbook filled with many real world examples and written exercises that you learn at your own pace. The math formulas are pool industry standard formulas and will become your valuable reference for day-to-day operations at your facility.

A DVD is included with all the examples from the textbook that you can play on your computers DVD drive or on most home DVD players.

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