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What is a hosted onsite training and certification class?

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The customer, you, provides a location where Swim Pool Safe conducts the certification course in a classroom style environment. This could be a meeting room, conference center, hotel meeting room, or any place that is capable of providing a learning environment. You, the customer becomes the host where your employees attend the class without having them travel to and from your facility and incur travel and living expense during the class period. This can add up to several thousand dollars saved by employers and is one of Swim Pool Safe’s signature training offerings. The Education web page has a summary description of this offering of “Onsite CPO® Certification .

PR1As the host you pay Swim Pool Safe for travel and living expenses for one instructor to come to your site and conduct a class. Depending on the geographic location of the class these costs vary. In this scenario you only pay for one person from Swim Pool Safe, rather then pay for several employees to travel to a class sometimes located in other states. The savings can be huge and in todays economy every little bit saved is important.

The benefits of you hosting a hosted class are too numerous to mention here. Each hosted class is unique in their requirements and Swim Pool Safe works with our customers to tailor a class that is site specific. No two sites are the same so it is important to contact Swim Pool Safe to discuss your training requirements. We offer a comprehensive  site specific hosted training document for all onsite classes which include requirements to conduct a hosted class.

Bonus: Swim Pool Safe offers our hosted classes a special bonus. The bonus alone is worth the time and effort to our customers. Many have taken advantage of the bonus and were very pleased of the results. Email us to learn more of what the bonus is. email Swim Pool Safe for information.

I you are ready to save money and are ready to host a class now contact us to arrange your class. Please be sure to provide your complete contact information and a brief description of your training requirements and we will be more than happy to work with you.

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