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Pool Operator Fusion

This is the next step in your quest to become a Certified Pool Operator® after completing the Online training course.

This class is a one-day class taught by a certified instructor from Swim Pool Safe™. Attend either the second day of the traditional two day CPO® Certification class or attend a one day class scheduled in your area. View the schedule for a list of available courses. To learn more click here.

NOTICE: The one-day course cannot be taken by itself to gain certification. You must have completed the online course before attending the one-day Fusion™ class.

    Requirements to enroll:

  • You must have successfully completed the the Online course.
  • Pay the Instructor fee.
  • Enroll in a One Day course with a certified instructor or day two of any of our scheduled CPO® Certification class.
  • Record of Completion from the CPO® Online training class.
  • Complete the online enrollment form
  • Use the Purchase button at right to select class date from our online store and complete your purchase.

    To obtain certification:

  • Attend the class
  • Successful completion of the class.
  • Pass the written exam.
  • Have a valid government issued photo ID at time of exam (no exceptions).

Swim Pool Safe™ Price

Click on the purchase button will direct you to our online store to select choice of date and payment.

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